• Bob Willard

    It’s one thing to have numbers. It’s another thing to know what to do with them. And the soft stuff – that Adam gives such brilliant guidance to people on – is an incredible set of resources for people trying not to screw this up when they are being led by their passions.

    Bob Willard International Speaker
    Author of Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook

  • Moving People from Short- to Long-Term Thinking
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    Moving People from Short- to Long-Term Thinking

    One common frustration and source of anxiety (of many) for sustainability champions is that other people seem stuck thinking only in the short-term.  Meanwhile, long-term problems are created and perpetuated. It’s not only socially- and environmentally-conscious advocates that feel this way.  Lots of folks whose strength is a vision for the fut...

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  • Influencing Others to Change
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    Influencing Others to Change

    It’s not about the facts and data. Sure, it’s important to have those… but if you’re passionate about sustainability (or anything for that matter), the odds are you’ve done your research and you know enough information. But altering the status quo doesn’t feel easy.  Instead, you feel frustrated and burnt out.  YouR...

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  • A_frustrated_mom
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    What is the #1 Struggle of Sustainability Champions?

    I always like to skip right to solving a problem… I’m a fixer.  Which can be helpful sometimes… sometimes Even when I’m fortunate enough meet amazing people, I try to ask what they are struggling with. It’s always nice to be able to help – to be of service. And, it makes me feel good to know that other people – ...

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  • Part 3: The Secret Life of a Community Change Agent