I recognized every stage of the five-stage sustainability journey from professional experience. These are genuine, meaningful, and economically sensible ways for your company to evolve its operations.

― Andrea Shriver, Co-Founder
Raining Rose and Eco Lips

February 23, 2018

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  • Bob Willard

    It’s one thing to have numbers. It’s another thing to know what to do with them. And the soft stuff – that Adam gives such brilliant guidance to people on – is an incredible set of resources for people trying not to screw this up when they are being led by their passions.

    Bob Willard International Speaker
    Author of Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook


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    Joyce LaValle: Placing a Book Changed Business Forever

    With much-needed help from friends… I was finally able to track down an amazing interview about an inspiring chain of events that led to Ray Anderson’s famous “spear in the chest” awakening.  An  experience that led him to challenge his company to reach Mission Zero by 2020.  And an experience that was made possible by the passio...

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    Marsha Willard: Master Your Soft Skills

    The best short-cut advice I’ve ever received is this: Whatever you want to do successfully, find someone who is already doing it (not wants to, but is currently succeeding) and ask them how they got where they are. As a member of the International Society for Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), I recently had the pleasure of attending a live webina...

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  • Ray Anderson: Behind the Scenes Chat
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    Ray Anderson: Behind the Scenes Chat

    I wanted to share this behind-the-scenes, intimate chat with Ray Anderson. It was with a heavy heart that I learned the “Greenest CEO in America” had lost his battle with liver cancer this year.  He was a personal hero of mine, whose writing and speaking impacted my life and career in a profound way. I felt honored to interview Ray on May 1...

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