2015 Goals That Work, Not Resolutions

2015 Goals That Work, Not Resolutions
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2015 Goals That Work, Not Resolutions

When I think of New Year’s Resolutions, an image pops into my head of being drunk on New Year’s Eve, lamenting all the things I didn’t do last year that I swear (slurred speech) “I’m going to do this year… for sure!”

Which rarely makes a difference.

Goal-setting, however, can be a different story – and image.

In my previous two posts, I reviewed all of 2014… and then defined my life’s purpose and direction for the future.

I painted a picture of me sitting down at my desk with my calendar, my journal, my strong memories, my blog, and my Facebook page.  What actually happened?  What big areas of life mattered?  What did I learn in each one?

Then, I really got clear on why I’m here.  What is my life all about?  Who do I say I am in the world, and what was I put here to accomplish?

After that… setting goals for 2015 was easy.

They weren’t resolutions any more.  And they had very little to do with regrets or being drunk on New Year’s Eve making declarations to the world.  (New Year’s Eve I was actually at a spiritual ceremony with friends, opening my heart and making declarations to those who would hold me responsible for having a great life that makes me happy and helps others).

Being complete with my past – I didn’t need to think about it any more.

Being clear on my future – all I had to do was look at what were the next, obvious things for me to focus on in 2015 that would keep me on the path to who I want to be, what I want to do, and stuff I want to have.

Steal Any of These You Want…

But do the past-completion and future-creation exercises first, or they will use their power for your life.  I promise.


  • Expand my impact.  Don’t do it all myself.  Trust others.  Focus on strategic roles, enrolling others in what is possible, and empowering them to make a difference.
  • Transition fully separate from Proxymity, fairly splitting client work and payment, to 100% ecofluence (
  • Launch physical copy of Stress-Free Sustainability with edits, audiobook, and tied to charity… average 300 copies sold per month
  • Average 2 speaking gigs per month
  • Maintain current client load, while supplementing additional corporate coaching clients
  • Fully fund A Garden for Every School project


  • Training specifically in deep emotional work, personal productivity, and empowering others
  • Play full out and be coachable in the Self-Expression & Leadership Program – healing the perceived divide between farmers and environmentalists in Iowa to heal water quality
  • Mankind Project – New Warrior Training weekend
  • Energy Work – Denny Kelly on releasing past relationship energy
  • Community plant medicine ceremonies
  • Books
    • David Gershon – Social Change 2.0
    • Frederic Laloux – Reinventing Organizations
    • Napolean Hill – Outwitting the Devil (done)
    • David Gikandi – A Happy Pocket Full of Money (done)
    • Michael Zimmerman – Integral Ecology


  • Deepen my practices, only reading books if they change my behavior in life on things I’m currently dealing with
  • 2-day meditation retreat – Prairiewoods (done)
  • 10-day vipassana retreat – TBD
  • Phenomena of Consciousness seminar with Mike George
  • Past Life Analysis – develop website idea in addition 🙂
  • Books
    • William Blake poems
    • Dante poems
    • Francis Bacon – Essays (done)
    • Plotinus – Enneads


  • Write out and vision board clearly the relationships, partner, family life, and mentors that I want
  • Visit April in L.A. (done)
  • Be on the court, dating weekly
  • Be 100% open and honest – self-expressed and see women as strong enough to handle anything I have to share
  • Watch my brother, Ross, to give my parents a weekend vacation (done)
  • Watch my brother, Ross, to give my parents a week vacation in Alaska to visit my sister, husband and two daughters
  • Get a mentor in Adam Carroll, monthly meetings, being coachable (done)


  • Travel with people that I care about to beautiful, adventurous places that inspire me in life
  • Australia and New Zealand visit to see Tressa, Pete and their kids – get paid speaking/consulting gigs to make it possible
  • Three (3) community hiking trips – e.g. Ledges, Maquoketa, and Loess Hills
  • Ice climbing and snowboarding in NE Iowa
  • Snowboarding and hiking trip with Des Moines friends




Adam Hammes is the executive director of the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum, a consultant, author, and motivational speaker. He specializes in helping businesses and sustainability professionals with environmental and social performance.

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