Adam Hammes

Sustainability Author, Speaker & Consultant

Adam Hammes is an author, speaker and consultant in Des Moines, Iowa who helps businesses tackle sustainability – from local restaurant chains to international media companies. He founded and staffs the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum, and sits on the Solidarity Microfinance marketing committee. He coaches other sustainability professionals around the world and is a motivational speaker at sustainability conferences.

Adam grew up in a rural, conservative farm community and struggled expressing his own environmental views. In college, he led outdoor adventure trips, earned his minor in environmental studies and a certificate in global health. After graduation, he traveled the world as an environmental educator and leadership trainer, living and working in seven countries on four continents. He earned his MBA, LEED-AP (BD+C), and LCA Manager Certificate. He trained with The Natural Step USA: Level 1 & 2 and with the Wilderness Stewardship Program.

In 2008, Adam founded a grassroots sustainability non-profit called Urban Ambassadors. Through their work, he spearheaded several projects, including: school gardens, a green CEO speaker series, a transportation photo shoot, pop-up parks in Park(ing) Day spaces downtown, an annual conference that brought together the local food and hunger fighting communities, and a group micro-lending program for women in poverty modeled after Grameen Bank.

In 2010, Adam became the corporate manager of sustainability for Kum & Go, a convenience store chain with $3 billion in revenue. He helped them institutionalize green building, the only convenience store chain in the world certified in the LEED Volume Program. When he left after three and a half years, they had gone from two to over eighty LEED-certified locations, and from zero to over one hundred locations having at-the-pump recycling for customers.

Adam has lived car-less for years in the city. He loves to read, write, meditate, recreate outdoors, travel, and play guitar. Today, he lives two hours from his parents’ farm and loves to visit and spend time with his family and brother.

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