Sustainable Business in Iowa
How Leading Companies are Profiting from Environmental & Social Responsibility

Sustainable Business in Iowa provides a simple framework for Iowa professionals committed to environmental and social performance, but who feels stuck and unsure of where to go next. In this one-of-a-kind book, Adam weaves together easy-to-understand models, business examples, and personal stories from his years of experience. Drawing from his time as the first manager of sustainability for Kum & Go, an independent sustainability consultant, and the executive director of the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum, the book explains what sustainable business means and documents the well-researched ways in which environmental and social responsibility programs unfold inside companies. Over 30 case studies from responsible Iowa businesses illustrate exactly what you can do to assess your organization and take the next successful step. Some of these examples you will recognize, and hopefully many will be new.

If you are new to sustainable business or need to energize your environmental and social efforts, this book is a priceless resource for companies of all sizes. I recognized every stage of the five-stage sustainability journey from professional experience. These are genuine, meaningful, and economically sensible ways for your company to evolve its operations.

Andrea Shriver, Co-Founder
Raining Rose & Eco Lips

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Stress-Free Sustainability:
Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout & Influence Anyone

This is not your typical sustainability book. It doesn’t waste time throwing the usual suspects under the bus, blame them for all of our problems, and leave you feeling angry. Instead, it asks you directly to accept that there will always be people to blame for why things aren’t the way we wish… and help you become a master at dealing with them regardless! Adam weaves together personal stories from two decades of advocacy as a world traveler, environmental educator, non-profit founder, business professor, corporate manager of sustainability, and sustainability consultant in ways that connect with your own personal journey. Stories from other social and environmental advocates help you see the universal experiences that open us all up to realizing where we’re holding ourselves back. GreenBiz loved the book, and published a free excerpt here:

Stress-free Sustainability is a treasure trove of insights and resources for people who care about making the world a better place. This book captures Adam’s personal evolution in advocacy in a way that makes it accessible to those of us working in a broad range of sustainability areas.

Anthony Thompson, PhD and Vice President

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