Are you working on something important and bumping up against difficulties?

Have you been trying to make a difference and you’re stuck?

Do you know your full potential or the contribution you want to make in the world has yet to be realized?

Get a Coach to Help You Break Through

If you need someone to guide you through this maze and come out the other side, here is a sample of just a few areas I am well-qualified to coach you around:

Breaking into the corporate sustainability field with just passion

Becoming incredibly more productive with my time, to carve out time for special projects

Strategic sustainability planning in for-profit businesses

Internal and external sustainability communications in for-profit business

Sustainability metrics, budgeting, and project management

Founding a grassroots sustainability non-profit

Launching a statewide association for businesses working on sustainability

Planning a sustainable, service-learning Spring Break for local colleges

Starting an annual conference on local food and fighting hunger

Holding a professional photo shoot for carpooling, biking and busing

Launching a local group micro-lending program for women in poverty

Raising $160,000 for “A Garden for Every School”

Influencing anyone… even if you’re burnt out and they don’t care

Re-connecting with your conservative friends and family

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I offer a one-hour coaching call, or Seed Packet, for a single session. This is a great option for solving a specific issue. We’ll create a specific set of instructions for break-through action, and you can take it from there.

I also offer an on-going monthly coaching package, called a Watering Can. This is a great option for those who would like to become champion in their business or community – on many fronts.  We’ll work together on bi-weekly calls and share emails back and forth.

Choose the option that’s sustainable for you:

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  • Elizabeth Stone

    Adam has seriously helped my blogging and my personal life as an activist SO much.  I’ve already utilized so much of his advice and it has made a world of difference. He is doing an amazing thing!

    Elizabeth Stone Mother & Vegan, Lifestyle Blogger

  • Megan McGowan

    I have recommended Adam to others, including members and elected representatives of our political party – The Greens. They are all sure that they need to keep being adversarial and passionately stating their point of view! I hope, in time, that they will come to ask that important question, “Is there a better way?”. When they do, they will want this work.

    Megan McGowan Retired Peace Officer & Organic Farmer, Australia

  • John Rogers

    We need to understand how to move people and get them interested in taking action on a cause. It is a challenge any way you do it, but much easier the way Adam prescribes. I really enjoy his work. I am certain it will inspire a change.

    John Rogers Owner of Affordable Portable Housing, Hawaii

  • Suzet Nelson

    Adam’s gentle approach has helped guide me in challenging situations and resulted in more productive conversations. I am a better and more effective environmental communicator.  And I feel like I’ve been let in on a brilliant secret!

    Suzet Nelson Mother & TV Actress, Wellness Coach

  • Taro Keefe

    Great ideas! I am constantly being told how offensive ‘greenies’ are by intelligent, concerned individuals trying to think for themselves on environmental issues.  Anger is a prevalent uncommunicable method. We can affect and not offend. I am so thankful for this work.

    Taro Keefe Concerned Greenie, Australia

  • Anastaszia Peters

    I am so thankful to Adam for this information. I definitely appreciate it, and I look forward to seeing what other great tools he comes up with in the future… YOU ROCK!

    Anastaszia Peters Passionate Wildlife Biology Student, British Columbia

  • Shirley Galbrecht

    Adam is so right! It is hard, but I need to let someone have their opinion in order to effect things in the long run. Thank you for this information and your help.

    Shirley Galbrecht Artist & Author of The Animal Seeker, North Carolina


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  • Conscious Responses

The Book

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  • “Stress-Free Sustainability”
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Seed Packet

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  • Deep Understanding
  • Solving 1 Specific Issue
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Watering Can

$600.00per month
  • On-Going Relationship
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
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  • Visioning Exercises
  • Ongoing Resources
  • Pay via PayPal