Are you working to further the sustainability initiative at your company?

Have you captured some low-hanging fruit and are wondering what’s next?

Do you need a strategic business approach to environmental and social performance?

Get an Experienced Professional Helping Your Company

I help businesses identify their most relevant environmental and/or social issues, and then build a performance strategy in each area.  That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Appropriate measurements
  • Data collection methods
  • Prioritized project lists
  • Employee engagement strategies, and
  • Marketing opportunities

This may sound daunting, and it can be… if you don’t have years of experience managing this process.  I do, and I can help.  Here is a sample of the consulting relationships that I offer:

STRATEGIC PLANNING… In two to three months, with an initial stakeholder engagement process, I provide a detailed 20-30 page report that outlines a strategy customized for your unique business. This requires a kick-off discovery meeting with leadership, answers to survey questions, one on-site visit, and back-and-forth communication. This option works great for a business that does have a green team, sustainability committee, or director/manager of sustainability with the time to participate and budget to implement moving forward.

MONTHLY CONSULTING… For a defined period of time (6-months to 1-year), I can conduct a stakeholder engagement process, which includes: competitor analysis, interviews with key department leaders, and surveys with external partners. I develop a strategy customized for your unique business and provide additional project management assistance. I help build business cases and team leadership around 3 or 4 prioritized projects. This option works great for a business that does not have a green team, sustainability, committee, or director/manager of sustainability.

WORKSHOP… For a three to four hours, I facilitate a strategic sustainability training session for your staff and leadership. This includes: processes and tools for conducting stakeholder engagement, how to identify and prioritize environmental and social issues for your company, and what types of data collection systems and metrics fit your business. I ask penetrating questions that get to the heart of each topic, from the customer, employee, and business owners’ perspective. Drawing on years of experience, we quickly identify the root cause(s) of problems being faced and arrive at a concise list of action items that transform perceived problems into real-world opportunities.

Adam has been featured in the following:


  • Samantha Cecak

    We wanted an experienced sustainability professional to pinpoint areas our Green Team could focus on improving. Adam’s audit was fast and affordable. The full report was very detailed and gave us great insights into several areas we could save money, be more efficient, and be more eco-friendly.

    In just a few months, we have already implemented several of the project recommendations from our report for real savings.  We also used the report to get more involvement by collaborating with the Wellness Committee, re-branding company-wide communication campaigns for more impact, and holding educational lunch and learns for employees.

    Samantha Cecak Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, ARAG

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    Some of my client work is confidential or their policy is not to endorse vendors and consultants with their brand and logo.

    I have permission to provide direct contacts for additional testimonials from happy customers.  They are willing to answer detailed questions about their experience hiring me and the value my services provided. Just ask.

    Company Leader Sustainability Professional, Corporate Client

Strategic Planning

$5,000 . Has Green Team, etc.
  • 2-3 Months
  • Discovery Meeting
  • Survey Questions
  • One On-Site Visit
  • Competitor Reviews
  • 20-30 Page Report

Monthly Consulting

$3,000/Mo. . No Green Team, etc.
  • 6 Months – 1 Year)
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • 20-30 Page Report
  • 3-4 Priority Projects
  • Build Business Cases
  • Build Team Leadership


$2,000 . Specific Issue or Project
  • 3-4 Hours
  • Train Your Staff
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Prioritize Focus Areas
  • Data Collection & Metrics
  • Implementation Next Steps