How Ridiculously Easy Riding the Bus Can Be

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How Ridiculously Easy Riding the Bus Can Be

This article is the second in a series of guest posts leading up to #CarLessWeek from July 13-17, 2015.  It is full of ideas for anyone frustrated with a slow, stop-and-go commute every day… or just wanting to lessen their impact while increasing their happiness.  Specific resources are listed for residents of Greater Des Moines, but similar resources are available in most cities for those willing to ask.  Thanks to Elizabeth Presutti, Executive Director of the Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART) for contributing this article and for providing safe, innovative and efficient public transportation service!


Ride for a Reason – let DART do the driving!

Have you taken a ride on DART lately? Never taken the bus before? DART has made riding the bus easier than ever! Follow these rider tips and use MyDART Tools to make your trip on DART convenient and hassle-free.


Find the Nearest Bus Stop
Using the following MyDART TOOLS you can check where you live for the bus routes that pass nearest to your home or place work.

  • Mobile App
    The RideTime Transit App for Android or iPhone lets you see exactly when your bus will arrive at your bus stop using the bus’s GPS location. Use the app to find nearby bus stops, save your most frequented bus stops and set reminders for bus arrival times.

RideTime Transit App

  • Trip Planner and Real-Time Map
    Use the MyDART Trip Planner to plan trips easily and accurately using address or landmarks. The MyDART Real-Time map lets you monitor buses on route by selecting any bus stop on the map to display arrival and departure times. Both the Trip Planner and Real-Time map are available at


  • Phone and Text
    Each DART bus stop is assigned a Stop ID number, which can be found on the bus stop sign or using DART’s Real-Time map on You can receive estimated departure times by:

    • Text message: Text DART and the Stop ID# (Example: DART0000) to 64274.
    • Phone: Call 515-283-8100 and select Option 1. You will need to provide the Stop ID number.


  • Alerts
    MyDART alerts is an email-notification program. Register with your email address, bus routes or stops and travel times. Based on your settings, you will receive email alerts five to 15 minutes before desired trip times.

Going to Your Bus Stop
Arrive at your bus stop three to five minutes early and wait where the operator can see you. All DART bus stops are marked with orange and purple signs with identifying information:

  • Route numbers are in white on the upper, orange and purple sign.
  • Stop ID numbers are in purple on the lower, all-orange sign.


Getting on Your Bus and Depositing Your Fare
As the bus approaches, check the sign above the front windshield to verify route number and destination. Stand near the curb and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding. Have your fare ready and upon boarding deposit cash or token in fare box, swipe pass or show your transfer ticket or special ID to the operator. Request a transfer if you will be using more than one bus to reach your destination.

Paying for your fare

Getting Off at Your Stop
Stay alert and remember to signal the operator about half a block before your stop by:

  • Pulling the cord that runs above the window or
  • Pushing the button strip on the side of the window

Gather your belongings and exit out the rear door if possible. Please wait until bus pulls away before crossing the street and do not cross in front of the bus.

For more information on how to ride DART and to learn more about MyDART tools, visit or contact DART customer service at 515-283-8100.




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