Interview: Founder of Carbon-Neutral EcoXpo in Australia

Interview: Founder of Carbon-Neutral EcoXpo in Australia
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Interview: Founder of Carbon-Neutral EcoXpo in Australia

EcoXpo Director, Aymeric Maudous was born and raised among the lush vineyards in Bordeaux, France, before being driven to explore the glamorous and powerful worlds of brand marketing with Renault, Disney and Louis Vuitton. Today he is busy forging a deep connection in his adopted home, Australia.

His family instilled in him the integral French thinking “Leçon des Choses” – “Beauty resides in small things well done”… What better way to share his credo than through the EcoXpo?

I caught up with Aymeric via Skype last week, and he shared his insights on running a carbon-neutral event, growing it successfully over time, and how to influence people.

Aymeric Maudous

If you’re wondering, “Why should I spend 26 minutes listening to Aymeric?” here is your answer:

In the first 5 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Why he spend 9-10 months out of the year working on an event that’s hitting it’s 5th anniversary… and what he’s changing up this year to celebrate
  • What it’s like to have the largest pedal-powered screen in the southern hemisphere to show eco-films… and how many bicycles it takes (hint: 20? higher)
  • How he envisions bringing Australian youth together with the wisdom of aboriginal elders
  • Why Aymeric left France at 17, moved to USA for 10 years, then Paris, then Sydney… and the promise he made to himself once he got there
  • What hobby he had as a child before he got into international marketing… (hint: he used it for 6 years when he got to Sydney)

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In the next 6 minutes, you’ll hear:

  • How seeing a gap in marketplace helped him, even with no experience in the event industry… and why your scribbles in notebooks could turn into your job someday
  • Why he launched the first EcoXpo in 2009 only focused on one market with 35 exhibitors for a weekend… then was able to expand in year two in several other markets
  • What he saw shift in year two that surprised him… and why it paid off to have a rigorous screening process in place
  • How, with almost no mentors in 2009, he was able to cull other shows for ideas… and why knowing who he wanted to be from the beginning made that possible
  • What decision he says was “Pricey at beginning” for a start-up… but “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

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In the next 5 minutes, Aymeric shares:

  • Why his best advice for conference planners is: “Pick one thing that is relevant to you, and just do it.  Don’t try to do water, electricity and transport all at once, otherwise it starts to be so big and you just give up.  Pick one thing.  Once you’ve done that, move on to what’s next on your list. “
  • Why he says when it comes to influence: “Solutions don’t sell.  Explain to them why.  I put the why first.  New clients, more profit.  Everyone is doing that.”
  • His why for the conference is… To inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising their own lifestyle.
  • One of the greatest stories I’ve heard of a green-washing attempts by a giant corporation (Panadol for Kids)

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In the next 4 minutes, you’ll discover:

  • How Aymeric’s plans to evolve the EcoXpo to a week-long event that coordinates with other activities in Sydney
  • The tricky part about influencing movers and shakers… including dealing with politics

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And in the last 4 minutes, you’ll get great tips like:

  • Alliances out there for event organizers
  • Why and how joint ventures have proven most valuable to Aymeric… even saving costs
  • Hire Aymeric as a mentor, he’s worth it!  (That’s my tip.)  A hospital has already asked him for help…  He knows what he’s talking about and has done this for 5 years!

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Before you go, check out this great video about the EcoXpo.  If you’re interested in attending or exhibiting, you should.

EcoXpo Sustainable Eco Living



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