New Year’s Resolutions… In Depth (2 of 3)

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New Year’s Resolutions… In Depth (2 of 3)

In my previous post, I talked about getting complete with your past before anything.  So, throw out your traditional New Year’s Resolutions and do this 3-step process instead.

  1. Understand & Appreciate 2016 – previous post
  2. Describe Your Ideal Future – this post
  3. Goals that Inspire & Align for 2017 – next post

The Future We Expect

In October of 2015, I woke up with Oxana in Kansas City lying in a beautiful guest bedroom of our friends, Ashita and Ajay.

We had been there for a 5-day extended weekend, watching Of Monsters and Men in concert, eating amazing food at Cafe Gratitude, and staying up long into the night with friends discussing life, yoga, meditation, spirituality, and love.

But that morning, I was completely bummed.

It was our last day.  And even though we had a huge community event to go to, I was already looking ahead to the road trip back to Des Moines… and a week full of work.  Probably more work than usual, having taken a 5-day extended weekend!

The future I expected was giving me my present experience.

Rewind 5 days.

The Friday morning we were going to leave for Kansas City and the OMAM concert, I should have been miserable.  I was running late.  I had been trying to chase down a portable disc golf goal that we had used at a fundraiser for Take a Slice Out of Hunger the week before that needed returned to the city Parks & Recreation department.  I found it, in the basement of an office.  It was heavy.  Had no wheels.  And needed driven across town.  I don’t own a car.

But I was happy!  None of that mattered.  

Because all I could think about was that a few hours later, Oxana would be meeting my BFF, Mike George, for the first time.  And a whole crew of great friends would be at the classic Midland Theater downtown enjoying gorgeous live music.

My future was bright  And my future gave me my present experience.

So paint the brightest picture of your future possible – and look at it every day!


Three years ago, my ex-housemate, film-producer, and adventurer Calvin Johannsen led our entire group of friends/entrepreneurs through a process he learned called a “Direction Document.”

Then, we all hung them on the wall of our house, and talked to each other regularly to see how we were fairing, living into that powerful future.

It worked.  Most of us are doing this same process every year now.

Here is what I believe.  99% of people will root for you to get the life you want.  The problem is, we don’t know what we want, and we don’t tell people what we want.  So how can we expect others to show up and help us succeed?

First, get clear.  Allow yourself (give yourself permission) to want what you want.  Admit it.  To yourself.  Then, share, share, share.

Steal this template and make it your own.  Don’t get caught up in present-day details.  Those come later.

I made a half-fold design that I laminate and carry with me in my book bag, to read once every day.  Download the Word (.docx) here and start editing, or copy-paste into your own design.

These are big-picture “What is my life all about?” concepts.  Use it that way.

And… if you want to help me on my journey… please write me below or shoot an email with your tips, words of support, or ideas on how we can collaborate 🙂

My Version

Values.  Community, Adventure, Integrity, Spirituality, and Love

Identity Statement.  I am the possibility of love, fearlessness, and contribution.

Why Statement.  I exist to exponentially speed the realization of a happier, healthier, and sustainable future for all.  I am here to transform systemic problems into opportunities to make a difference.  And to reach One Million Minds that can make their own unique and powerful contribution to the world.

Focus Areas.  Freedom.  Wellness.  People.  Passion Projects.

When Triggered, My Act Says:  “How could you be so stupid?  You’re actually hurting people.” (This would take an entire post to explain… so don’t worry about it for yours).

Being.  I am related and connected with my friends, family, and community.  I am a powerful invitation that life be great.  I am playful and happy.  I am a listener and story-teller.  I am adventurous and full of curiosity.  I am passionate about accepting the world as it is.  I am a contribution to a future where all people can thrive.  I am a loving husband, father, son, brother, friend, and neighbor.

Quote that Moves Me

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.

~ Marianne Williamson

Doing.  I lead a transformative, forward-thinking business for 2 hours per weekday.  I provide highly-effective, life-changing listening that helps people achieve breakthrough results in their life, relationships, and communities for 2 hours per weekday.  I give 2 powerful and inspiring talks per month around the world that transform what is possible in those communities.  I spend my nights and weekends with those I love – Oxana, my friends, my family, and members of my community.  I host large events in Des Moines that facilitate personal growth, creative collaboration, and community transformation.  I work remotely 50% of the time, living in Des Moines as the ideal home base while spending months in other locations around the world.  I exercise and meditate daily.  I vacation 2 times per year to decompress and reset in a beautiful location.  I support my parents and brother emotionally and financially so they have the freedom to find their own happiness.

Having.   I have a right-sized, beautiful, net-zero home that is open to guests and conversations.  I have a laptop and cell phone that allow me to work from anywhere in the world.  I have amazing relationships, with vulnerability, communication, and love.  I have a strong and healthy body that allows me to live the life I choose with great energy.  I have a retirement savings account that supports my family’s needs, passive income that pays my living expenses, and disposable income that I invest in projects that I believe in.

Freedom Figure.         $100,000 per year

$30,000 taxes              $  5,000 education
$15,000 living              $  5,000 gifts
$10,000 charity           $  5,000 family/brother
$15,000 savings           $15,000 travel

2016 Theme –  Life is a Grand Game


Again… clean up your past, first.  Understand it.  Get complete with it.  Be grateful for what it has taught you.  Realize that it does not dictate your future… rather, it prepares you for a new future.

Now… get started creating a powerful future that (just thinking about it) will give you an amazing life today.

Next, we will look at the gap between 2016 and this ideal future you created.




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