Are you hosting a conference and want unique and motivational sustainable business content?

Is your company trying to inspire its leadership, employees, or green team to improve environmental or social performance?

Get Adam for Your Next Event

If you need a speaker that can engage and inspire your audience with practical content… Adam speaks at conferences and companies, to executive boards and sustainability committees, for hundreds of people and intimate groups. Here is a sample of the talks offered:

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS IN IOWA… How Leading Companies Profit from Environmental and Social Responsibility

  • 1 hour 15 minutes keynote to 45 minutes break-out session
  • What is sustainable business?
  • On which key environmental and social issues do companies focus?
  • How do they prioritize, measure, and improve?
  • What are the 5 stages through which initiatives mature?
  • How do companies advance these stages successfully?
  • Download speaker information here

STRESS-FREE SUSTAINABILITY… Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout and Influence Anyone

  • 1 hour 15 minutes keynote to 45 minutes break-out session
  • What is the exhaustion of advocacy?
  • How do sustainability champions avoid burnout and continue their positive influence?
  • What are the 3 stages of emotional intelligence?
  • Which strategies work for groups versus individuals, and how do you prioritize?
  • Download speaker information here



Adam can share stories from over 15 years as a sustainability professional in various industries and communities. He can speak broadly or focus on a particular topic that fits your needs.

For instance, here is a keynote given at the 2016 Iowa Recycling Association Conference using, called “Sustainability: From Contempt, to Curiosity, to Commitment” that focused on launching recycling at-the-pump for convenience store customers during his tenure as the first manager of sustainability for Kum & Go.


Adam has been featured in the following:


  • George Stone

    Adam brought a refreshing topic that truly connected the many varied themes of our sustainability conference! He is an inspired leader with a powerful message that clearly imparts inspiration to others. His engaging speaking style allows him to passionately address audiences on advocacy themes like emotional intelligence, psychology, teamwork, and perseverance. His ability to connect to a variety of personalities, ages, and cultures is a true gift!

    George Stone PhD, Chair of Sustainability Summit & Exposition, Milwaukee, WI

  • Vivian Nguyen

    As someone who is ‘burnt out’ this was incredibly inspiring for me. I really liked the amount of interaction with all of the guests and I know they did too. The breakout session next door had to ask us to ‘please quiet down’ during our sharing. Adam’s presentation was energetic and very informative. I wish we could have had more time! It was great having this as a part of the summit, and I hope others use him!

    Vivian Nguyen Sr. UNL Environmental Studies Major, WasteCap Nebraska Summit Planner

  • Julie Diegel

    Thank you Adam, for providing a unique message that all of us can apply in more than just the sustainability dimension. We had very positive feedback in our small viewing party, and heard from one attendee watching remotely that it was the best of the webinars they had viewed.

    Julie Diegel Director of Sustainability Programs, WasteCap Nebraska


$3,000 . plus room+board
      • One Day
      • Arrive Night Before
      • Leave Morning After
      • Prefer Host Arrangement
      • Travel & Meals Paid
      • $3,000 + Room/Board

Non Profit

$1,500 . plus room+board
      • One Day
      • Arrive Night Before
      • Leave Morning After
      • Prefer Host Arrangement
      • Travel & Meals Paid
      • $1,500 + Room/Board


$1,000 . plus nothing
      • One Event
      • Skype or Other
      • Test Prior to Event
      • Provide Handouts
      • Provide Email Resources
      • $1,000