The Type of Company I Dream of Working In

The Type of Company I Dream of Working In
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The Type of Company I Dream of Working In

Yesterday I made a decision I never thought I would make – not in a million years.

And in doing so, realized that I am afraid to admit that I may have found a company that fits what I’ve always dreamed of… and that I LOVE to work for.

That’s because the decision I made was to push back one of the most important events of my life by one week – the launch of my first ever published book!

This something I have dreamed about for a long time… and it was looking like today was the day, Sunday, October 5th.

What happened?

Proxymity, the independent strategic consulting firm I work with, had two amazing opportunities pop up.

  1. A Mission Main Street small business grant from Chase and Google (Due Fri, 17)
  2. An IdeaPaint office makeover grant from Re:Work (complete – Got 7th Place, Thank you!)

We’ll be promoting them both via social media as a team, and I didn’t want to…

  • Be distracted as a team member and not contribute
  • Drown out my book launch with other requests from my office

Now, I would never have blinked twice in the past.

My book would have come first.  I would have ignored the requests from the office.  This is my PASSION.

However, more and more, it’s becoming clear that we’ve got something very special at Proxymity that deserves my undivided attention.

Here is some info about why:

What Makes Us Unique

Proxymity helps plan and execute change for organizations actively seeking to evolve.  Our approach to serving clients and attracting talent to our doors may sound unorthodox, but because we have doubled revenue this year, we feel it is effective: love, hope and culture.

Love.  Our team came together for a reason.  We wanted to love going to work, to love our clients, and to help our teams succeed.

Hope.  We shared the belief, “There has to be a better way.”  We did not accept, “That’s just the way it is.”  We knew we could create a work atmosphere that allowed members to bring their highest value to a team.  And by doing so, we could help other companies achieve their true potential.

Culture.  Our people are purposefully curious, naturally helpful, and humbly confident.  Our work is independent, transparent, collaborative, and balanced.  Our multi-disciplinary team is compensated equally, with monthly performance bonuses based on overall organizational health.

Inspiration and Challenges

Kevin and John co-founded Proxymity because they are “What if?” people.  “What if big changes could be made within an organization and nobody would feel threatened?”  “What if we could bring joy to an otherwise difficult and uncomfortable process?”

Before they opened Proxymity, both worked in the commercial real estate and construction industries where “old school ways” of conducting business are the norm.  One day they asked, “What if instead of scouting for cheap square feet we first listened to the heart and vision of an organization and its people and then we executed on a strategy that fit the client’s budget, performance objectives, and long-term aspirations?”

In that moment the inspiration for Proxymity was born, and today their approach expands far beyond property.

When they were asked to talk about their greatest achievement both agreed that “patience to build the right team before taking the company aggressively to market is #1.”

Giving Back

Flexible work schedules allow our team to pursue their passion locally: teaching, volunteering, and participating in service groups.  We find opportunities to give back collectively – like participating in a Habitat for Humanity build in May this year.

We also look to use our Discover-Creation-Execution process to target key community issues we care about, and offer our time at a much-reduced rate.  A Garden for Every School is a project collaboration with the hunger and local food communities.

Proxymity listened to the struggles schools have with gardens, built a team of local organizations to own the solution, and are now leading the fundraising of six-figures, developing free training videos, and marketing to schools everywhere.  Our objective-based fee is greatly discounted and paid only upon successful completion of the project.

This is a template for future projects where we provide high-impact strategy with guaranteed results.  This enables us to make a big difference.

How Grants Help Our Company

These grants would help Proxymity reach scalability, and enable us to spread what we do to other cities.  To get over that hump quicker, we would use the money to make targeted investment in office technology, expertise, and (most importantly) marketing.

After a recent branding session, Proxymity would, at this moment, use the funds to: completely revise our website, produce and print branded folders and brochures for speaking engagements, enhance our customer relationship management tools, invest in public relations, branding, and advertising strategic advice, launch a B2B social media strategy, pay for targeted advertising, and expand WPA Work People Analytics software.

With the right tools in place, we have the capacity for more clients.  We started with passion and personal connections.  To take the next step, we realize we need systems in place to tell our story on a much larger scale.

Short-Term and Long-Term Plans

Proxymity has built a strong foundation from which to launch across the region and country.  Our Des Moines pod currently consists of 7 full time Core Team Members and 5 Integrated Partners; where a “pod” is a small group of approximately 6-8 professionals.  We found that to be successful, each pod requires expertise in: listening, research, analytics, synthesis, communication, project management, influence and leadership.

The growth plan modeled by our outsourced CFO (Clifton Larson Allen) is to open 2 additional “pods” in 2015, 2 more in 2016 and 5 more in 2017.  Our pod system is what will allow us to be nimble and responsive to our clients and the rapidly changing world around us.

This grant will be Proxymity’s “bridge to scalability” where we can create additional pods in new cities resulting in a positive impact on an exponential number of organizations.

How You Can Help

If this type of company inspires you, like it inspires me, then please do me a huge favor and VOTE FOR US on both grants today, and share on Facebook.

  • VOTE on Mission Main Street (Due Fri, 17)
    • Just click the link, and click the “Vote Now” button on the right
    • Share with your friends by clicking the Facebook icon after you cast our vote
  • VOTE on IdeaPaint (complete – Got 7th Place!  Thank you)
    • Just click the link, and a Facebook page video will play… in the top left corner click “Like”
    • Share with friends by pasting this link in a Facebook post


Book Launch

The new ebook is releasing Sunday, October 12!  You can click here to ensure your FREE copy today.

Seriously, “Stress-Free Sustainability: Leverage Your Emotions, Avoid Burnout, and Influence Anyone” is going to make a huge difference for difference-makers everywhere.  I can’t wait.




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