Sustainable Business in Your State
A Faster, Easier & More Affordable Way to Author a Book for Your State

I wrote, re-wrote, edited, and re-edited the book, Sustainable Business in Iowa: How Leading Companies Profit from Environmental & Social Responsibility specifically such that it could be licensed to other states and provide similar benefits:

  • Hyper-local title and focus garners larger interest from public
  • Easy adoption into local business college curriculum
  • Easy partnership with local chambers promoting to their members
  • More companies joining your sustainable business association
  • New or additional revenue streams of speaking and consulting
  • Profitable corporate environmental and social responsibility increases dramatically in your state and local businesses are seen as industry leaders

To make this a reality, I’ve launched a webinar series (watch below) to discuss the details of a publishing cohort of no more than 10 states that will run from October 1, 2018 through May 6, 2019–working together to publish a book for each of their states by Earth Month.

If you are interested in this opportunity, watch the webinars below and fill out this short survey at the bottom of the page to see if you are a good fit.

Webinar #4 (8/24/18)

  • Full calendar details
  • Checklist of case studies needed
  • Book sponsorship revenues
  • Copyright details

Webinar #3 (8/10/18)

  • What did Webinar #1 & 2 cover?
  • What is the calendar like?
  • What do the checklists include?
  • Great question on book sponsorships

Webinar #2 (8/3/18)

  • What did Webinar #1 cover?
  • Is a co-author necessary?
  • What’s the 5-stage model?
  • What is the timetable like?
  • What does the coaching include?

Webinar #1 (7/20/18)

  • Who is Adam?
  • What is the new book?
  • How has the book been successful in Iowa?
  • What is the plan for other states?
  • How will this plan be accomplished?